Food Export Consulting   Import of High-quality Food

Assistance in Product Development and Import of Foods

Consistent support to the launch of your plant and business office
●Market research, marketing
●Helping in product (foods and clothes) development and import
●Conducting and supporting production quality control of your contracted plants on site
Management and operation of facilities (such as plants) and import and export

All products including imported or subcontracted foods are traceable.

●Dried foods: mung bean vermicelli, Korean vermicelli, cloud ear mushroom, green tea, dried vegetables (freeze-dried), and etc.
●Processed foods: dressing, shiitake mushroom, peanut, seaweed extract, and etc.
●Vegetables: leek, bamboo shoot, mushroom, burdock, ginger, and etc. 

Imported products: examples1  

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Mung Bean Vermicelli
Cold water extract of seaweed (kelp)
Clam Extract
Garlic Powder
Ginger Powder
Fish Collagen Peptide (powder)
Raw Fish Collagen FC
Frozen Salted Yolk

Imported Goods: Examples

Chinese Mung Bean Vermicelli
It is gummy and has a sticky texture on the tongue!
100% Chinese mung bean starch makes it have body and hardly break into pieces when heated.
Sesame Dressing 
Use it for not only for vegetable salad but also as a sauce for cold shabu-shabu, grilled meat, chilled tofu, and seafood fries.
Vegetable oil, brewed vinegar, soft brown sugar, soy sauce, egg yolk, sesame, miso (some of the ingredients contain wheat and soybean)

Hashed Potatoes (Frozen)
Ingredients: potato, vegetable oil (including soybean oil), dried potato, wheat flour, natural flavoring agent, phosphate, dextrose
Quantity of contents: 637g (63.7g x 10 pcs.)
Country of origin: USA
<How to eat>
Please eat after cooking the Hashed Potatoes without thawing as follows:
●When using an oven:
 Bake at 230 degrees C for 10 minutes
●When using a pan:
 Grill approximately 5 minutes per side
●When frying:
 2 – 3 minutes at 180 degrees C

This gim seasoned with olive oil and solar salt brings you enjoyable crunchy texture.
Product name: gim
General name: seasoned seaweed
Ingredients: dried seaweed, olive oil, salt, sesame oil
Country of origin: Korea
Nutrition information per bag (5g):
Energy                    26.8kcal
Protein                    1g
Fat                          0.1g
Carbohydrate          1.9g
Sodium  45mg

Organic!!sweet potato    Dried sweet potato

Imports and exports of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, contracted clinical trials/studies, and development, quality control and administration service for foods


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