We at Itabashi Trading Co., Ltd. will acknowledge importance of customers’ personal information (from which a specific person might be identified such as name, postal address, age, email address, and phone number), handle the information with care, and commit to protect our customers’ privacy properly.

1.Security control of the personal information

For handling the personal information from our customers, we will try to provide appropriate security control of the personal information so as to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, theft, destruction, loss, or defacing by assigning a chief privacy officer.

In case something happens, we will correct it promptly in an applicable, faithful, and transparent way under the internal rules.

2.Collection and usage of the personal information

When requesting submission of the personal information from our customers, we will define its purpose and contact information in advance and then collect the information within an adequate range and in an impartial manner. Submitted personal information will be used within the defined or stated range of the purpose of use. We will never use the information for purposes other than the purpose of use without your consent.

3.Purpose of use of the personal information 

Customers’ personal information is used only for activities necessary for the work such as delivery of sales promotional items, delivery of our products, operation/delivery of our service practice, selection for application of an event or prize, request of a survey for improvement in service, refunding, and subcontract to affiliate companies.

4.Shared use of the personal information 

We may use customers’ personal information (name, age, and contact information of those who make an inquiry or etc., and its contents) communally with subcontracting companies having a confidential agreement with us within the purpose of use mentioned above.

5.Submission of the personal information to a third party

We will not provide or disclose customers’ personal information to any third party except:

●when we have got the customer’s consent or agreement,
●as otherwise provided by laws, or
●when we disclose the personal information to subcontracting companies or partners having a confidential agreement with us on the personal information in order to attain the purpose of use clearly indicated to customers.

6.Disclosure, correction or suspension of use of the personal information

If you want disclosure, correction, or suspend of use concerning the retained personal information, please contact us. We will conscientiously respond to the request in a reasonable period of time after the customer is identified.

7.Securing the accuracy of the personal information

We will try to keep the customers’ personal information accurate and up-to-date in the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use.


We will conduct a periodical audit to judge the effectiveness as to whether the laws and regulations and internal rules concerning protection of the customers’ personal information in house and subcontractors and the information is protected and used properly.

9.Compliance with laws and regulations, improvement, and modification

We will comply with the laws, regulations, and other rules as well as internal rules applied to personal information.
Additionally, we will review routinely and try to improve continuously the internal rules and this privacy policy. 

10.Personal information collected from minors

We will respond to the customers’ personal information collected from minors in the same way with those from adults.

To learn more about our privacy policy, contact us by email or telephone:

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