CFDA Registration Agent Service

Registration Agent Service for The State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) of China

Registration agent service regarding drugs, medical product package, cosmetics, supplement foods, and medical devices for CFDA of China 

Helps preparing an investigator’s brochure (IB), protocol, negotiating and making a contract with clinical trial facilities

Obtaining the CCC (China Compulsory Certificate system) mark certification that is required for products belonging to the seven categories including renal and cardiopulmonary devices.  

Practical Market Research

Interviews with specialists and brainstorming with clinicians

Interview with clinicians of the medical departments and university hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and etc.

Example: 30 questions about the market and new products

Facilities: Beijing Hospital, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Medical College Hospitals (Dalian, Tianjin, etc), People’s Hospitals (Dalian, Jiangsu, Zhongshan, etc.) 

Developing a pricing, sales promotion, or agency policy appropriate for the market with our advisory doctors

Helping in arranging clinical trial facilities, preparation and publication of academic report/papers

●Test marketing and monitoring study in a designated area and facilities
●Sales promotion and sales attended with Japanese medical representatives (MRs)
●Administration and operation of plant, and export and import activities
●Helping in product development in China
●Consistent support to the launch of your plant and business office

中国国家食品薬品監督管理局 SFDA
Office  ● Agency

(1) What is the CFDA registration?
(2) How long does the registration take?
(3) How much is the cost for the registration?
(4) How is our system configured?


Dalian Headquarters Office

18F, Senmao Building, No.147 Shougshan Road, Dailian, China
Phone: +86-411-8367-1800  Fax: +86-411-8360-1800

Beijing Office

Room 912 China Garments Mansion 99# Jianguo Rd.Beijing ,
Beijing, China
Phone/Fax: +86-10-65818115

Shanghai Office

1606, Pu Hui Tang Lu, No.11 Xu Hui Qu, Shanghai, China
Phone: +86-21-3469-2622  Fax: +86-21-3469-2623

Guangzhou Office

22F, Chung Kiu Building, No. 76 Xianliezhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86-20-8732-7958  Fax:+86-20-8732-7957

Local agency

Imports and exports of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, contracted clinical trials/studies, and development, quality control and administration service for foods