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Let Sushi vinegar to North America!

During the two days from May 10th to 11th,2021, We had a business trip to a vinegar factory of my business partner and confirm the vanning (loading into a container) of sushi vinegar for North America customer. After the work, we also had a factory tour inside of the factory, which normally not open to the public.

It was the first challenging to make a container with only vinegar item, our business partners worked very carefully, and that was planned considering the stability of height and weight from the past accomplishments. We were able to finish the vanning work safely.

This time, the palletized method shown in the photo as shown above is a total of 20 pallets in bulk, for a total of about 600 boxes. 20 liters of sushi vinegar per case, so about 1.2 tons!

Sushi Rice(しゃり/Shari)                      Nigiri Sushi (握り寿司/Nigirizushi)


It is generally said that 30 ml of sushi vinegar is used for 1 go(1 cut about 150g) of 15 pieces of sushi rice, so if this amount is used as the number of pieces of sushi, it will become about 580 thousand pieces! You can feel how the sushi culture has taken root overseas and there is demand for it.

Load the two-tiered pallets from the back carefully. Finally, it was completely filled up to the front.The vacant space that are still created, so we filled with paper that inflates with air, and used a special tape that fixes the front prevents the load from collapsing toward the front, and loading is completed.

After the vanning work, we visited the factory and learned a lot about vinegar making.

[Basic method of making vinegar]

①Steam the polished rice, add rice bran(rice koji) and water, add yeast to the

when the starch of the rice is changed to sugar, and ferment it to make sake.

②Add acetic acid bacteria to the resulting sake and ferment it with acetic acid.

③After fermentation, let it rest for 1-2 months.

④Completed by filtering and sterilizing.

Although we are a trading company, we do not have own products, while going to the business partner factory like this time, we can feeling the passion of the business partner of their product, that we got motivation to let our customer to know the goodness & deliciousness of their product too.

There is not only sushi vinegar, we also can provide many kind of vinegar product like fruit vinegar(apple, grape, blueberry and lemon…etc), Ponzu(soy sauce with citrus juice), if you are interested in please do not hesitate to contact us.


We hear a lot of about Vinegar making by actually going to the factory and listening from their Introduction. You probably know the method of how to making vinegar search online, but the knowledge and people gained by going to the site with your own feet will be totally different.


With that feeling in mind, we would like to continue to convey the goodness of various products to customers and spread delicious Japanese foods to the world.


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