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We exported Fresh bluefin tuna for Maguro filletting Show to Taiwan!

Itabashi Trading Co., Ltd., is a trading company that especially focuses on air transportation of fresh fish! We ship approximately three times a week from Tokyo's Toyosu Market, Fukuoka's Nagahama Fresh Fish Market/Fukuoka Intermediate Market, and Hokkaido's Sapporo Chuo Market to a total of eight countries including East Asia, Southeast Asia, and North America.


Bluefin tuna is recognized as an endangered species, and it is said that the abundance of resources is decreasing year by year, and that it may become inedible in the future. Whether wild, farmed, domestic, or overseas bluefin tuna, production lots of bluefin tuna are controlled from the time they are young, from egg hatching to shipment. When importing and exporting, there are complicated procedures such as applying for a certificate and reporting to the Fisheries Agency. We have many years of experience and experience, so please leave it to us!


This time, we received an inquiry from a Taiwanese customer about bluefin tuna for a Maguro Filletting Show, and we shipped farmed bluefin tuna from Nagasaki Prefecture which called the brand “Takashima Bluefin Tuna. “


We could provide bluefin tuna according to the size you specify.

It is said that 80-100kg tuna is the most delicious with fatty, but this time we shipped tuna in the 60kg range at the customer's request.

It took three people to box it up, wrap it in a cold insulation sheet to keep it fresh, and finished it with export packaging specifications!


We take great care when packaging tuna and other fresh fish for export overseas.


In addition to bluefin tuna Round or Gilled and Gutted, Takashima bluefin tuna is also available in tuna block products that use a special packing method called “TF vacuum packaging“ and can maintain a best-before date of 14 days. This is especially suitable for overseas shipments since it takes time from export to arrival at end customer’s stores.

“TF vacuum packaging“ of tuna block.


From the tuna butchering show held in Taiwan.!


The event was held at a sushi restaurant in Taiwan, which is one of our customers.

It's a rare experience to see tuna being dissected up close.

There was also a rock-paper-scissors competition, and if you won, you would receive a Seared tuna cheek sushi , which was a big hit with the children.

There were some kids who won by being late, but I missed them because of my kind heart.

Japanese bluefin tuna is very popular overseas. We will continue to work hard to export tuna with good freshness.

It has a high effect of attracting customers, so why not use it when planning an event?

~Bring Smile to overseas~


In addition to fresh fish, we carry a wide variety of frozen seafood processed foods and dried delicacies.

We will do our best to accommodate your wishes, so please feel free to contact us.


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