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Dalian Itabashi annual convention

Itabashi Medical (Dalian) Co., Ltd. held its annual meeting in Dalian, China for the first time in four years. In the morning, the managers of various departments, including  food department, announced the summary of 2023 and the plan for 2024, and the managers award ceremony was held at the Nikko Hotel in Dalian at 17 PM. This is my first time,to join the ceremony.


Our President Itabashi.


At the ceremony, Mr. Sun, general manager of Itabashi Medical , presented the annual report and the policy for the  year 2024, followed by a speech from the president of Itabashi, and then outstanding employees of each department were awarded. The total number of employees from all over China reached 200, and they were appreciated the hard work of whole year at the ceremony. After the award ceremony, participants performed many kinds of program, such as songs, dances and comic monologue, spent a happy time, with dinner and interaction with staffs from all over China.

At the party, representatives of each departments gave wonderful performances and spent an unforgettable night.Thank you for your efforts,everyone. Let` s keep working harder next year too!


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