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New rice (KOSHI IBUKI) is going overseas! 

Have you ever heard of "Nipponia Nippon"?
It is the scientific name of the Japanese crested ibis, a bird designated as a special natural treasure.
 In Japan, the only place where it currently lives is Sadogashima Island in Niigata Prefecture, and the Japanese crested ibis presently living there has been acquired from China, bred, and released.
It seems that they used to inhabit in areas with rice paddies, but today they can only be seen in Sadogashima.

It is for the sake of protecting the crested ibis that rice is grown in Sadogashima using only the minimum pesticides. To cut a long story short, the rice produced in Sadogashima will be exported to China.

 In China, Niigata rice is well known and very popular.
“KOSHI IBUKI” is our second rice product to be exported from Niigata, following our Niigata-Uonuma rice.
The name “KOSHI IBUKI” may be less familiar to many Japanese people. The “KOSHI IBUKI” is a variety that originated in Niigata Prefecture and is almost never produced outside of Niigata.

 It is a light, and rather soft rice that takes over the flavor of KOSHIHIKARI rice. It is said to go well with all kinds of dishes and does not become hard even when cold. We chose this rice as one of our items because we had not yet sold rice with these characteristics in China.
We put a design of the Japanese crested ibis on the package bag.

 We plan to sell this rice as "越後伊吹” in China through our Chinese subsidiary on e-commerce sites, mass merchandisers, and for commercial use as gifts. We are looking forward to introducing the various characteristics of Japanese rice to the Chinese people. We believe many people accept our recommendation.
If you are interested in “KOSHIIBUKI”, Hope you try and taste it!

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