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Pickled fish, have a nice trip to East Asia!

In order to export pickled fish by containers to customers in East Asia,

we went vanning (loading into containers) in the warehouse.


We, Itabashi Trading, export not only fresh fish from Toyosu Fish Market,

but also various products such as processed marine foods like this one.

We hear that pickled fish (yellowtail teriyaki, mackerel Saikyo miso-zuke, red fish kasuzuke, etc.)

are selling like hotcakes at shops in East Asia, and we exported as many as 5 full containers of pickled fish in October.

At this customer’s area, it is calculated that about 1 in 100 people eat pickled fish for the total population. How amazing!!


We will continue to make efforts to deliver wonderful Japanese foods to overseas customers.

yellowtail teriyaki

mackerel Saikyo miso-zuke

Our supplier sticked labels to each pack and each case according to export regulation.

Many thanks for sticking all tens of thousands of sheets carefully.

We will load the labeled products into a 20ft container.

Vanning is completed by the loading method considered in advance.

Departure of the container toward the port. Good luck!

Please drive carefully to the port.


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