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We participated in a business meeting in Hokkaido.

At the end of February, we participated in a business meeting sponsored by the Sapporo Electronics and Industries Cultivation Foundation.

We, Itabashi Trading, regularly exports dry containers and frozen containers to Australia. We handle processed seafood products and frozen foods by frozen container, and many kinds of dry foods such as snacks and seasonings by dry container. We often do business through wholesalers, but this time, according to suggestion of our business partner, a customer in Australia, the Sapporo Electronics and Industries Cultivation Foundation set up a business meeting with manufacturers aiming to develop market in Australia.

Product exhibition of a company in Hokkaido at the Hokkaido Economic Center, where the Sapporo Electronics and Industries Cultivation Foundation is located.


There were received applications from nearly 30 companies, but due to limited time, our customer and talked with 9 companies on the day. This is a picture of meeting with one of them, Food and Bread Co., Ltd. We tried many delicious breads made only with milk from Hokkaido, without using any water.


We were introduced delicious foods produced in Hokkaido by various companies, and we found very attractive products.

Main target was Australia market this time, but we will make a best effort to expand our business to other countries going forward.

I am walking to a business meeting venue with my suitcase in the snow. I slipped several times on the way, but in the meeting I tried my best not to slip up!!


It was a very valuable experience for us to meet companies who are not only working domestic but also trying to export their products made in Hokkaido.

We will work harder to export more Japanese food products to overseas.


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