Farming area of Yellowtail “YUSU”

We, Itabashi Trading, are thinking of spreading Japan’s wonderful foods to domestic and foreign customers. And for that, it is important for us to visit production areas throughout Japan and experience food cultures in various regions by learning knowledge and know-how from local producers.

 Now, we would like to introduce Yellowtail farming area in Ehime, where aquaculture industry is flourishing, and various fish are farmed!

There is “Uwajima” on the west of Ehime Pref. and the area named “Yusu” is located on Uwajima.


The fish farmed in this area is Yusu Buri. Recently, many farmers are facing business crisis due to soar of bait and fuel costs, and historical poor catch of young yellowtail in 2022. Especially rise of bait cost is the biggest factor to affect the price of fish in aquaculture industry. In Yusu, there are farmers and fishermen who put into practice of stable price and supply by making efforts about bait cost.

As well, Ehime is prominent farming area, and many other fish are cultivated. Yusu sea area is Rias Coast, which sea bottom becomes sharply deep, and the oxygen concentration of sea water is high, and the fish moves a lot, so that the fish farmed there become firm, tightened and so delicious. Therefore, there are many processing plants in Ehime Pref. and their detailed response is great advantage in terms of processing.

Round Fish Right

Dress cut (Removed gill, gut, and head)


Aquaculture hereafter cannot remain sustainable only by selling cheap.

 Farmed fish will become more important as the catch of wild fish decreases year by year. We think it necessary to experience and spread the mind of producers and excellence of goods, which helps the farmers to get on with their business. We are going to keep visiting various places of origin and markets, introducing what we felt and learnt, and connecting to business.

If you are interested in products direct from the production area, please feel free to contact us.


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