Sea robin, a fish that tastes better than it appearance

Have you ever heard of fish called sea robin? Most people are not familiar with it, as it is rarely offered at sushi-go-round restaurants or supermarkets. It is an expensive white meat fish and very popular among restaurants overseas. This time, we would like to introduce you to the sea robin!

Hobo is a high-class fish comparable to flounder, sea bream and pufferfish, and is known for its elegant taste, which is said that only the people in upper class could eat during the Edo period.

It is characterized by its pectoral fins, which are like wings of butterflies under the gills with a rare color not often seen in nature.

At the Toyosu market, it is usually sold for around 2,500 yen/kg, and most of them are 500-600g in size. Although sea robins are landed all year round, the best season of this fish is winter, when the meat is fattiest. We often export Nagasaki origin sea robins to sushi restaurants in Thailand.

Sea robin has relatively mild taste, is very rich in flavor and sweetness, and has a firm texture while its meat is tender. The more you chew, the more flavor you will enjoy.

It is mostly eaten as sashimi, but grilling with salt is also recommended.

Please try it if you find it onward.

Make your tongue become the one in upper class~!


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