Super useful in the Year-End and New Year holidays, All-purpose food Kelp(Kombu)

Our company, Itabashi Trading Co., Ltd., exports fresh fish from Toyosu Market(Tokyo) by air twice a week to six countries in East Asia and North America.

To provide customers with the same taste as in Japan, Japanese restaurants overseas handle various ingredients that are indispensable for Japanese cuisine in addition to fresh fish.

Hidaka Kombu from Maker Yamasaya(山佐屋), which we export overseas


It is said that dashi stock(Japanese basic soup stock) is the basis of Japanese cuisine, and Japanese kelp,Kombu, which is the cornerstone of that, is particularly popular overseas.


Did you know? The world's largest producer of kelp is China, followed by Korea, and Japan is in third place.

Japanese food culture using Kombu is well known all over the world.

In search of a more authentic taste of Japanese cuisine, foodie overseas are also particular about making their own dashi stock.


 Japanese New Year's dish Osechi 

Kelp Roll

Kelp is used in various dishes such as Japanese New Year dishes, oden, and tsukudani (boiled foods in sweetened soy sauce), especially at this time of year.

By the way, aren't you worried about gaining weight during the New Year holidays?

You tend to eat a lot and lack exercise during long vacations.

Therefore, we would like to introduce the Kelp water that is easy to make and is perfect for preventing weight gain during the New Year.


The water-soluble fiber, fucoidan, alginic acid, etc. in kelp dissolve easily in the water, which makes making it easy that we take them in nutrients.


[How to make Kombu water]

10g of kelp per 1L of water

Keep overnight in refrigerator for 8 hours that’s all.


[How to use Kombu water]

You can enjoy it as is.

You can also use it instead of water for cooking.


It is said that if you drink it every morning or before meals, you can expect dieting, intestinal activation, and skin beauty effects.


Have you ever seen white powder on the surface of kelp?

In fact, the white powder is a kind of saccharide called mannitol, which is one of the natural sweeteners.

Please do not wash it with water to prevent it form flowing away.

If you are concerned about dirt and dust, we recommended you to wipe it with a damp cloth gently instead of washing it with water.



Oden(a typical of Japanese hot pot)


After making the soup stock with Kombu Water, it can be used as an ingredient in oden or tsukudani, so be sure to eat it all up.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


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