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First Joint Exhibition by Itabashi Trading and Ajinomoto

The 2019 Chinese Medical Association Tissue Restoration and Regeneration Subcommittee Annual Meeting was held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China (June 13–15, 2019).

(Meeting venue "Dynasty Wan Xin Hotel Shenyang")

(Front of the reception)

In a lecture session held in the main hall (accommodating 800 seats) immediately after the opening ceremony of the meeting, Mr. Onuki of the Medium Group, Ajinomoto gave a lecture on "StemFit, cell culture media for iPS/ES cells - Supporting iPS/ES cells research, development and clinical application." The frontier of iPS research, a field where Japan plays a leading role, attracted much attention, with many stem cell researchers participating in the lecture meeting.

As for the exhibition booth for related products, "StemFit Series of iPS/ES Cell Media" was exhibited as the first joint exhibition by Itabashi Trading and Ajinomoto. At the exhibition booth, "StemFit-Basic04," a new product just released globally in May, was introduced for the first time in China, and many researchers stopped by following the seminar.
Itabashi Trading will promote sales of "StemFit Series" and related products in China, not only in the ophthalmology field, in which Itabashi has many business records, but also in the field of stem cell regenerative medicine including cardiac muscle and nerve. Medical Division

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