[August 2021] Eat squid in hot August to prevent heat exhaustion!

There are various types of squid, and it is said that more than 80 kinds of squid are caught in the sea near Japan.

Among such squids, we would like to introduce the Japanese flying squid, which is said to have the highest catch and deliciousness from Summer to Autumn, and is also known as "Summer squid"!


Depending on the regions, there are various names such as "ma ika", "matsu ika", and "bara ika", and there are also various ways to eat as sashimi, roasted, stewed, fried, dried, etc. It is a common ingredient from homemade meal to restaurants dish!

When judging the freshness of Japanese flying squid, it is important to look at the brownish color.

The Japanese flying squid is particularly delicate, and when you touch it with your fingertips, the part immediately turns white, and the freshness of the squid gradually decreases.

When you will buy Japanese flying squid at a supermarket, make sure to choose the one with a brown color!

The quality of the food will improve dramatically with good ingredients that you choose!


As the title suggests, Japanese flying squid also helps prevent heat exhaustion.

The Japanese flying squid contains twice as much taurine as normal fish!

Taurine has many effects that are ideal for preventing heat fatigue, such as recovery from fatigue and maintenance of immune function, and there is no reason not to eat it.


In addition, Japanese flying squid is a high-protein, low-fat and very healthy food!

We suppose there are many people who have less chance to exercise because of many restrictions on going out.

Why don't you try Japanese flying squid as one of the healthy meals as well as nutrition this Summer?

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