Good luck Fish? Charm of COD (Tara)

Tara(Cod) is an indispensable ingredient for Pot dishes in Winter season.

Tara is written as “鱈”, 魚 means Fish and 雪 means snow, so it is in season in Winter.


As Tara lives all over Japan, above all, Hokkaido, Aomori, Shimane and Ibaraki are considered as the main fishing areas.

In Japan, we can see Tara at supermarkets throughout the year because it is imported from the U.S.A., Canada and Russia.

But Tara caught in Japan during this Winter season is appreciated as great delicious northern fish just as Salmon.


Tara’s Meat has no peculiar character, plain taste, and low fat & low calorie.

Moreover, it is rich-nutrient and good- digestion food, so it will help you when you feel not well.


When you have Tara’s testicle, milt, you will feel its rich and moist, sweet flavor by grilling or scalding.

Also, it is well known that the roe of Alaskan pollock (One kind of Tara) are processed for Tarako (Salt-seasoned roe) and Mentaiko (Seasoned with Spice), so we can taste

Tara Not only its meat but also other parts of it well.

There are a lot of recipes for Tara.

Tarabo (behaved in seasons of Obon or New Year, when relatives are get together) is one of the regional recipe in Japan.

※Tarabo is a Dried Tara, one of the preserved food used in Hokkaido and Tohoku area, eaten since before Edo period.


Its life lasts so long, so the Tarabo is said that the Tarabo have been delivered to all over Japan and known for Osechi dish(Food eaten in New Year season) or Obon dish (Food eaten in Obon season).

It is said that the beginning of the use of Tarabo in New Year’s dishes is a wish to be able to eat a lot. (Eating a lot is said as “Tara fuku”. Fuku means happiness.)

Please enjoy not only Tara but also other ingredient about the meaning and wish for each ingredient.

Now, we would like to tell you a story of Tara.

In Greek, Tara is written as “Bakalaoς” and pronounced as “μπακαλιάρος”, which is heard like “Stupid” in Japanese.

So when Japanese people visiting in Greece and say “Stupid” in Japanese, they might be thought that want to eat Tara by local people.

Why do not we eat Tara a lot and take the nutrition and happiness not only for you but also your family in this winter?


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