Introduction of Kuromutsu, a high-end fish that lives in the deep sea.

Kuromutsu is distributed from southern Hokkaido to the central Pacific coast of Honshu, and inhabits rocky shore at depths of 200 to 500 meters. It’s a member of the sea bass family, and is a deep-sea fish. Its body color is purplish black and its eyes are large, and its appearance is not eccentric for a deep-sea fish.

This fish is difficult to distinguish from its close relative, Mutsu. Kuromutsu has higher height and is larger than Mutsu, growing to around 60 cm in length.

The name "Mutsu" is taken from the word used for "Mutsukkoi" (fatty), and it is said that the name "Kuromutsu" came from the dark color of its body.

Kuromutsu is a deep-sea fish and is a high-end fish that is traded at a high prices in the market because the number of catches is small. In Toyosu market, the market price is 4,000 yen to 5,000 yen per fish (about 1 kg size). Our company often offers the ones caught in Nagasaki for North America.

The season for Kuromutsu is from fall to winter, when the scales become large and easy to remove, and the skin becomes thick.

It is high in protein, and nutrients, contains Omega-3 fatty acids, and is considered a healthy food.

This fish contains a lot of high-quality fat, and can be served boiled, The fish rich in high quality fat is delicious of course as boiled, and is still very good as sashimi, if it is fresh.

・Boiled Kuromutsu

Although the quantity of Kuromutsu caught is small, its taste is top class delicious fish no matter what kind of dish it is made.

As this fish is rarely put on fresh fish stores, how about trying the good taste of Kuromutsu when you find in the market?


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