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How we ship Fresh Fish for overseas.

We export Fresh Fish to East, Southeast Asia and the U.S.A. 4 times a week from Toyosu Fish market.

We start packing fish at 2 am.

The temperature of the place we work is 1-3℃, very good environment to keep freshness of fish.

At first, many kinds of fresh fish are carried from origins all over Japan to Toyosu Fish Market.

Then, market wholesalers purchase fish by auction or face to face, depending on the kind of item.

We visit the wholesaler’s store, and we determined to buy fish in good condition with our own eyes, following to our customers’ order.

Fish of various sizes line up every season in the market.

You can see a lot of fish in the market.


We pack fish for each customer, each store with much care because it takes 1-2 days for the fish to be delivered to the restaurants or retail shops.

Picture when we pack fish


Packed Kinmedai (Alfonsino) and Saba (Mackerel)


Due to the influence of the Covid-19, orders from customers abroad have decreased, and the number of people to visit Toyosu market has also decreased.

However, we would like to continue delivering fresh fish to our customers, hoping that the vitality in the market will come back soon.

Only the authorized personnel can enter in the market at the moment due to the influence of the virus, but when the restriction is lifted, we would like you to visit to Toyosu Market!

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